#whatchuthink Vol. 1 | Welcome To The New Website

"Yo gather round hustlers, that's if you still livin.."- Jay Z

If you're reading this right now, WELCOME to the new & improved website. For those who are familiar with me, you all know me as a photographer and a videographer. You may also know from viewing my social media posts that I can have quite the opinion at times and can stir up a little "controversy" to say the least. In my defense, I am all for a good conversation, even if the topics are hand are difficult to discuss. 

It took me awhile to get to this point because I didn't know if I wanted to intertwine my personal thoughts along with my brand. Then the more I thought about it, my way of thinking has actually attracted people to my brand in addition to being skilled at my craft of course. 

I don't know the frequency that these blog posts will be made. I actually don't even want to make any promises and let people down if I can't deliver at a certain frequency. However what I can promise you is that anytime you come on this page to read a post, it will be MY honest opinion of things that are going on and more importantly, I want to know what you think. I want us to converse. I want you to read this and learn something from my perspective. I want to read your comments (please leave comments) so that I can understand how you may think also. I feel that we as a people can grow if we engage in meaningful conversation. So here's to Vol. 1 of #whatchuthink